UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Design, construction, installation and support of air suction and fume purification systems, turnkey systems for small and medium-sized animal feed factories, construction of sorting and separation machinery for MSW and RDF and similar waste

In an increasingly competitive market, MCM s.r.l. has kept up with the times by certifying their professional activities, thus ensuring to the customer the only thing that really counts to them: their satisfaction. And ISO9001 is based on this very aspect, which certifies the quality of our work from initial business contact to after-sales support.

EN 1090

Design and manufacturing of supporting structures for fume suction and abatement systems. EXC2 execution class

Building supporting structures for the machinery and for stopping operators during periodic maintenance or checks, MCM s.r.l. certifies the compliance of steel structures for industrial use

Other sectors of the company’s business are: storage systems for cereal processing and MSW and RDF systems.